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OPERON was established 1973 as a private R&D laboratory in the field of immunochemistry. At the beginning the Company's target was to satisfy the needs of the Spanish market.

The initial products were immuno-plates, polyclonal antibodies labelled with peroxidase and fluorescein and agglutination latex products.

In 1983 OPERON started its international sales operation.
In 1986 the research of monoclonal antibodies was iniciated.
And the first rapid tests was produced and sold in 1991.
Since then new products are developed every year.
The expresion of recombinant antigens were started in 2002.
Two new product lines were launched in 2006: ready-to-use ELISA and Molecular Diagnostic kits manufacturing.

Nowadays, Operon are exporting to 50 countries all over the world and our main product lines are:

· Raw materials (monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens)
· Immunochromatography - rapid tests.
· Molecular diagnostics
· Customized products