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Sepax-Technologies, Inc



Sepax-Technologies, Inc. Headquartered in Delaware USA, Sepax Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company founded in November 2002. Sepax focuses on customers’ needs and provides solutions to customer’s challenges in chromatographic separation science. Sepax develops and manufactures HPLC consumables, bulk media, and equipment for chemical and biological separations in liquid chromatography. Sepax is a fast growing technology company and has emerged as a leader in the biological separation industry. Sepax has been developing wide range of intellectual properties in the areas of particle synthesis, surface modification, LC column packing, bulk media production, and purification process development. Sepax Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Sepax-Technologies, Inc. focuses on three business areas: 1) bioanalytical solutions, 2) solution based process purification and 3) medical diagnostics.

In bioanalytical area, they provide comprehensive LC column products and services to meet the needs of each market fragment of the biomolecules separation and analysis.

For process chromatography, they provide solutions to customers’ needs for various scales of the purification, including process development, bulk media and equipment.

Their innovative technologies deliver unique products for medical diagnostics, such as GlyHb, a high resolution product for diagnosis of diabetes.